Soaring the sky a glider pilot’s Podcast

Soaring the sky is an aviation podcast all about the adventures of flying sailplanes and many other aircraft we love to fly. Join Chuck as he shares his adventures and talks with other aviators around the globe. You never know who my be the next guest on Soaring the sky.

75: Badges Diplomas And Finding Your Own Cross Country Adventure: Kempton Izun

September 22nd, 2020

Kempton Izuno has been soaring since he was 14. With 45 years of soaring gliders he has a lot to share. Today he shares his story and also how he is contributing to this great sport. Included below are some links he shared of some great soaring content he has written for soaring magazine as well. Don't miss his amazing journey!

Later on this episode we join blogger and glider pilot Clemens Ceipek as he shares with us his journey to get his 750k Diploma and how he finely achieved his goal and what we can learn from it. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky episode 75!





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74: A Tale Of Two Air Masses & Gliding In Australia: Daniel Sazhin & Todd Chapman

September 8th, 2020

Today on the podcast we first chat with Daniel Sazhin about his blog, The Soaring Economist. Daniel talks about his most recent flight soaring in two air masses and what he learned from it. (2:22) Then it's our Soaring Safety segment with Enis Englehardt from Berlin Germany. Also on this episode Todd Chapman a glider pilot at Central Coast Soaring Club north of Sydney Australia talks with us. (29:20)Todd will share his adventures in the air and how he thinks soaring could get a big boost during this time of uncertainty. All this and more on this episode of Soaring The Sky! 


73: Downwind Dashes & Grand Prix: Tony Condon 13.5 meter World Championship Competition Glider Pilot

August 25th, 2020

Our guest pilot on this episode of the podcast is Tony Condon. Tony learned to soar in central Iowa while attending Iowa State University. He is the President of the Kansas Soaring Association and lives in Wichita, KS with his wife Leah. He works as a charter pilot and is a Designated Pilot Examiner. Today Tony will share his story and some amazing adventures he has had along the way. In 2015 and 2017 he represented the USA in the 13.5 Meter World Championships. He also shares some stories about flying downwind dashes and grand prix flying in different parts of the World. 

(26:35) Also on this episode Walt Rogers gives us some advice on our soaring safety segment as he talks about staying current in the off season. 

(38:35) Stephen Nesser flying with Minnesota Soaring  joins us for our tips & Techniques segment to talk about slipping to land. All this and more on this episode of soaring the sky! 


72: Dirty Looks From A Bald Eagle: Rob Cluxton 777 Pilot and Cross Country Glider Pilot

August 11th, 2020

Rob Cluxton currently flies a triple seven with the Airlines but his adventure started at the age of 19 at Caesar Creek Soaring Club. Rob will share his adventures not only soaring in the United States but other spectacular places as well. Rob has flown 20 different types of gliders and owned or shared 6 different types. 

Later Daniel Sazhin joins us for our Soaring Safety Segment. And we will be bringing you some Soaring Tips and Techniques with another guest pilot Scott Manley as he talks about the advantages training with Condor and VR. All this and more now on soaring the sky. 



71: From The Appalachians To The Alps : JP Stewart 2021 U.S Club Class World Team Member

July 28th, 2020

JP Stewart 2021 U.S Club Class World Team Member and SSA chairman of the Youth/Junior Committee loves soaring sailplanes and just about anything that flies. At an early age he flew RC but soon discovered gliders. This year alone he has flown two 1000km, two 750km and two 500km flights. 

His career has also given him a chance to fly in some amazing places. One story he shares with us today is a flying high over the Swiss Alps in a Paraglider! Don't miss his adventures on this episode.

Later We join Paul Schweizer on our Soaring Safety Segment as he talks about one of the safest gliders in the world. On this episode we will also be talking with David Hart on our Soaring Tips & Techniques segment.  All this and more now! on soaring The Sky!

70: Soaring And Motor Gliders: A chat with Youtuber Pilot Bambi

July 14th, 2020

On this episode of the podcast we talk with Rosita, also known as Pilot Bambi on Youtube, a glider pilot in the Netherlands who soloed in the DG 1000 at the age of 15. Now 22 she continues to fly and has organized camps for young aspiring pilots and finds so much joy in carrying on this tradition. She also enjoys encouraging people to jump out of her airplane? She loves sharing her aviation adventures and will share with us today her aviation journey.  

Later on the podcast Andrew White joins us from Lake Keepit Australia on our Soaring Safety segment. Also On this episode we talk to David Hart on our Tips and Techniques segment to talk about Self launching gliders and his adventures flying the DG 800.  All of this and more now on Soaring The Sky. 



69: Gliders Gaggles and Goals: Hanicka Treslova Czech National Gliding Team Member

June 30th, 2020

Hanicka Treslova from the Czech National Gliding team joins us on this episode. With both her parents being pilots she has been around aviation her entire life. She has competed in two Junior World competitions and four Woman's World competitions and other competitions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today she shares her journey and aviation adventures soaring the sky.

Later on the podcast Dale Masters joins us from SoCal for our Soaring tips and techniques segment. SkySight will have a coupon code for you to try their service free for 17 days! We will also have another guest pilot talk to us on our Soaring Safety segment. All this and more now on episode 69 of Soaring the sky!

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68: A Soaring Playground In The South American Andes With David Flint

June 16th, 2020

On this episode we first head to central Chile in South America and join David Flint. He is a glider pilot flying his Libelle H-301 enjoying the beautiful Andean playground. David will share with us what it is like flying over the Andes mountains and soaring with condors! He will also share with us his aviation journey. [20:33] On our soaring safety segment Rich Mataus joins us for some safety tips recorded live in Fairfield PA last summer at Mid Atlantic soaring Open house. [33:20]And then on our brand new SkySight Soaring Tips &  Techniques Segment! We will be speaking with Clemens Ceipek about convergence. Clemens will also let us know how we can be a part of the OLC Speed League! Matthew Scutter from SkySight has given you a coupon code so you can check them out for an additional 10 days past the usual 7 day free trial! If you had SkySight in the past you will still be able to use the coupon. All this and more on episode 68 of soaring The sky! Coupon Code SOARINGTHESKY



67: A Dream To Soar: Martin Orchard

June 2nd, 2020

Our guest pilot originally from the West Midlands England was inspired to fly at a young age. From bird watching to R/C planes and home simulators, to experiencing flights in various aircraft. Martin Orchard wouldn't discover his passion of soaring till later in life. Join us as he shares his aviation adventures. 

Also on the podcast today we will hear from Gaetano Benicasa an airline pilot in Italy with our Safety Soaring Segment. All this and more on episode 67 of Soaring the sky. 


66: Auto Tows Aero Tows & Winch launching: Bill Daniels

May 26th, 2020

Bill Daniels a retired aerospace engineer and glider pilot joins us on this episode of the podcast. Bill has over 6,000 hours in gliders picking up an FAI Diamond badge along the way. Bill also has over 6,000 hours in powered aircraft. He has written extensively on winch launching with many articles in Soaring Magazine. Today he talks with us about his soaring adventures and has an offer for you to get plans for an electric winch launch absolutely free! Also on this episode we hear from another guest pilot on our Soaring Safety Segment. All this and more now on soaring The Sky! 

Episode 66




65: Mastering The Thermal: Soaring expert and author Dale Masters

May 19th, 2020

Don't miss this episode of the podcast! Our guest pilot joins us with over 30 years of experience and is a soaring master. Dale Masters has logged over 15,000 hours in the sky and loves a challenge when it comes to finding lift. Dale says he has found a way to fly in thermals that may surprise you. He is the author of the book "Soaring Beyond The Basics" and blogger. He loves sharing his aviation adventures and will do that on this episode. Also on this episode our Soaring Safety Segment returns with some advice from one of our upcoming guest. Join us now for this exciting episode on Soaring The Sky

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64: Soaring In Paradise With Aerobatics Gliding Team Member James Alaggio

May 12th, 2020

On this episode James Alaggio talks with us about his adventures soaring in a place where you can get a 1000 foot tow and stay in the air for hours. James has been flying gliders since he was 13 and since then he has flown all over the world. James is a member of the U.S Aerobatics Gliding Team and Hawaii makes a great place to practice his programs. When he is not in the glider he finds himself in the cockpit of an Airbus A330 flying all over the globe for Hawaiian Airlines. Join us now as we hear about his adventures soaring the sky!

63: Close Encounters And Cracked Canopies: Engin Kurutepe flying the LS4 in Berlin Germany

May 5th, 2020

On this episode we join our guest pilot Engin Kurutepe in Berlin Germany as he shares his adventures with us flying the LS4 and more. Engin is also a software engineer and has been working on a project to help glider pilots obtain more info before getting into the air. He will talk with us and share how you can check out this future product that can help us all be better and safer pilots. Also on this weeks soaring safety segment Luca Bertossio gives us some advice. All this now on Soaring the sky!


62: From The Saddle To The Cockpit: Barbora Moravcova Czech Republic National Gliding Team Member

April 28th, 2020

On this episode we join Barbora Moravcova in the Czech republic. She has over 1,000 hours in the cockpit and earlier this year competed in the Women's World's Gliding Championships in Australia. She has also flown in the Junior World's in Hungary. Hear how her adventure began and how she has taken her love for aviation to the next level as she shares with us her story on Soaring the sky. 

61: Wind Your Watch: Walt Rogers Discus 2a pilot and weather guru

April 21st, 2020

On this episode we talk with Walt Rogers, Discus 2a pilot and a weather guru. Walt started his Soaring adventure in southern California at El Mirage in the 1970's and became a contest pilot in standard class gliders in the 1980's. Walt has been involved in the Voyager flight around the world as well as the Perlan II project and  World Gliding Championships. 

Also on this episode we launch our new Soaring safety segment with an upcoming guest pilot. She will share with us some things she learned flying in wave while being safe. Join us now for another great aviation journey on Soaring the sky. 

60: Aviate Navigate Communicate: Max Brune flying the HPH 304c out of Germany

April 14th, 2020

Today a young pilot joins us from Oerlinghausen Germany to share his aviation adventure flying sailplanes and taking it to the next level soaring cross country. Max Brune grew up around aviation with his parents both being glider instructors. His first flight in a glider was at the age of four. He later earned his license to fly at sixteen. Since then he has built up over 400 hours in his log book. Today he shares his story on soaring the sky.







59: Sharing A Ship To Soar: Dennis Linnekin Competition Glider Pilot and Airline Captain

April 7th, 2020

Today we talk with Dennis Linnekin, Airline Captain, Tow Pilot & Glider Pilot. Dennis has flown gliders all over the U.S and has had the chance to experience different soaring conditions. He has flown in many competitions as well and brings us some great stories and knowledge that he has gained along the way. Dennis has over 30,000 hours logged with 1,800 of those in gliders. He has flown many different ships and has recently purchased a new motor glider that he will talk to us about. Join us now for another interesting and fun interview here on soaring the sky. 

58: Soaring And Social Distancing: Daniel Sazhin World Record Holder & U.S Nightly Soaring Contest Director

March 31st, 2020

A U.S and World record holder in soaring joins us today. Daniel Sazhin has completed many badges including a 750Km as well as the 1000km. He also holds a world distance record as well as distance records in New Jersey. To check out a list of his many soaring achievements go to Daniel will share with us his soaring adventures but will also tell us how we can still fly during social distancing. He is currently the US Nightly Soaring Contest Director and knows a lot about soaring simulators. Join us  now for this exciting, informative and fun episode of soaring the sky.   

57: Soaring is REAL flying: Ulrich Beinert Airline Pilot and Glider Pilot

March 24th, 2020

Landing out is always a possibility while Soaring. Our guest shares with us a close call he had while having to land out. Ulrich Beinert joins us to share his story. From using one of the original Microsoft flight simulators to having an aviation career flying the A320 and the A380, he finds his way to gliders and discovers what he says is REAL flying. Join us now as we chat with our guest aviator now on Soaring the sky.

Follow Ulrich on social media  @ulrichbeinert and support his creative work

56: Clues In The Clouds: Matt Kuehn Soaring gliders since the 1970’s

March 17th, 2020

On this episode of the podcast we take a flight across the United States to do some Soaring in Southern California. While there we talk to Matt a glider pilot that has been Soaring since the early 70's. He has had alot of experience flying different gliders and in different Soaring conditions. He will also share with us how he escaped some interesting situations in the air. And share with us some great advice on how we can stay safe while being better pilots. Join us now for episode 56 of Soaring the sky.

55: An L-23 Called Oba: Matthew is a Civil Air Patrol member and Student Pilot

March 4th, 2020

On this episode of the podcast our guest pilot joins us from the state of New York where he flies with the Civil Air Patrol. He shares with us some of his adventures. On one occasion the canopy opened while in flight ! He will also talk to us about the challenges of a student pilot. Matthew will also share with us something his club is doing to make it more affordable for young people to fly. Join us now for episode 55 of Soaring The Sky !

54: Too Low Too Slow: Asvath Ravichandran Glider Pilot with a Masters in computational aerodynamics

February 26th, 2020

Today our guest pilot is Asvath Ravichandran. Asvath left his home country to pursue his masters degree in Germany where he discovered gliders and soon started his soaring adventure. Asvath has flown the ASK 13, Schleicher K8, Ka6E, Piret SZD-30, K4 and the Duo Discus. He now holds his private pilot glider rating and also has finished his masters in computational aerodynamics. He will share with us his adventures in the air and the challenges of learning to soar. Later on the podcast (29:00) Chris Schrader joins us with a report from the SSA Soaring convention in Little Rock. All this now on episode 54 of soaring the sky.

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53: Leaping From The Edge Of Space: Brian Utley Soaring Record holder and World War II Survivor (Part One)

February 19th, 2020

On this episode we rejoin Brian Utley to hear the rest of his aviation adventure that really was started after seeing aircraft flying overhead during the Battle Of Britain. Later he would Soar all over the globe and into the record books with records that still stand today. Brian also tells us about teaming up with the National Aeronautical Association of Contest and records board and Felix Baumgartner to be a part of a jump from the edge of space. All this and so much more now on soaring the sky.

52: Broken Canopy: Brian Utley Soaring Hall Of Fame Member Part Two

February 12th, 2020

On this episode of the podcast we talk to a glider pilot and member of the Soaring hall of fame Brian Utley. Brian's interest in aviation started at a very young age in Europe at the start of World War II with the sky above him filling up with aircraft. He will share with us what it was like living in the middle of a war. Then later he will share his life of soaring and how he discovered gliders and the adventures he experienced in the air all around the globe.  All this and much more on Soaring the sky !

51: Strong Thermals Big Sink: Ines Engelhardt

February 5th, 2020

On this episode of the podcast lady aviator Ines Engelhardt joins us. She is a competition glider pilot flying near Berlin Germany who has just returned from flying In the 2020 Women's World Gliding Championships. Today she talks to us about her aviation journey and her recent competition in Australia. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky.

50: Turbulence: Keith Schwab Glider Pilot With a PHD in physics

January 29th, 2020

On this episode of the podcast we talk with Keith Schwab a glider pilot with a PhD in physics who didn’t always love flying in fact, While on a commercial flight crossing the Atlantic in some very extreme turbulence he found himself stuck in the bathroom gripping the handles that caused him to develop a serious fear of flying. Then something happened in 2014 while hiking one of the mountain peaks near Los Angeles that would change that fear and his path to aviation. later on this episode we will also discuss the opportunities for the soaring community to grow and possibly find a way to fund those that dream to soar. 

49: Soaring Namibia:Gaetano Benicasa Glider and Airline Pilot

January 22nd, 2020

On This episode we take a soaring journey with our guest pilot Gaetano Benicasa an airline pilot from Italy who also loves flying gliders. He just returned from Namibia Africa, one of the most spectacular soaring sites on the planet. He will share his story and we will learn why Namibia is such an amazing place to fly gliders but also the importance of taking precautions and staying safe flying in another part of the world. All this and more as we soar over Africa on Soaring The Sky. 

Gaetano wanted to share his email and the invitation for other pilots who want to fly in his part of the world to contact him. His email is

48: Four Six Whiskey My First Girlfriend: David MacVeigh

January 16th, 2020

On this episode we talk with aviator David MacVeigh who will soon celebrate his first glider ride fifty years ago. Since then he has accumulated 1100 hours in gliders and 550 hours in powered. He also has 40 to 50 hours in ultralight aircraft. David also has some time in the air in hang gliders and paragliders. Join us now to hear his aviation journey on soaring The Sky !

47: Condor Soaring with Chris Wedgwood Of The Soaring Flight Simulator Condor

January 8th, 2020

On this episode we join Chris Wedgwood of Condor, the complete soaring simulator. Chris joins us from France to tell us how Condor got it's wings. He shares his journey with us and the journey of Condor and how it's helping to teach people to fly all over the globe and keeping pilots flying in the virtual cockpit when they can't be in the air. Join us now for this interesting and exciting interview now on Soaring The Sky. 

46: Boxing The Wake With Student Pilot Connor

January 1st, 2020

On this episode a young aviator joins us to share his aviation journey. Connor shares with us how his interest in powered planes led him to gliders. Hear what happened when he was boxing the wake on his pre solo flight. Just one of his stories he shares. Later on this episode we take a look back at 2019 ! What a year it has been for the podcast ! All that and more now, on Soaring The Sky.

45: Glider Rides: Scott Manley 2019 SSA Chairman’s Award Winner

December 25th, 2019

On this episode of the podcast our guest discovered his love for gliders after he learned to fly powered. His aviation journey started even before he owned his first car. Our guest pilot holds a Commercial Airplane single engine land & sea and his Commercial Glider rating as well as being a Certified Glider Flight Instructor and Certified Tow pilot. Today he shares with us how his teaching background has helped him find a way to help students all over the world by teaching them to fly with flight simulators and never actually meeting them in person. He will also share with us his journey and adventures and the things he has learned in the air. All this and more now, on Soaring The Sky ! 

44: Having A Blast Flying The Task With Paul Remde And His DG-1000s

December 18th, 2019

On todays episode we talk with a gentleman who started his aviation adventure flying gliders in 1990. He holds all the FAI badge legs excluding the altitude badge. He has flown in many soaring contest and holds 10 Minnesota soaring records. He currently flys the DG-1000S. He will share with us what it’s like flying over the beaches of Hawaii and soaring over hump back whales then, flying from his club in Minnesota to Chicago. Our guest is the founder and owner of Cumulus Soaring and tells us how his love for soaring became his business. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky !


43: Land In The Dirt and You Won’t Get Hurt: Andrew White Flight Instructor Soaring In Australia

December 11th, 2019

On this episode of the podcast we head to Lake Keepit Australia home of the 10th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships to talk with Andrew White flight instructor, as he shares with us what it's like to catch a thermal and go up to 15,000 feet ! He also shares why it’s not a big deal to land out if your prepared and it’s part of your flight training. All this and more now as we go Soaring The Sky over Australia !

42: A Three Hour Tow: Steven Snyder Glider Pilot & Instructor Soaring Over Chicago

December 4th, 2019

Our guest today is Steven Snyder a glider pilot and instructor that has over 1250 flights with several hundred of those flying CAP cadets. He shares with us his adventures including, flying on tow for three hours and part of that flight being over the city of Chicago. Later on the podcast find out where our next guest joins us from next week. All that and more on this episode of Soaring The Sky !

41: Lava On The Runway: Roy Heisler Discovers Gliding, Paragliding And Gorillas

November 27th, 2019

On this episode of the podcast we talk to a gentleman who discovered soaring through Paragliding. He tells us what it's like being under a canopy instead of being in the cockpit and shares with us how he discovered Gliders through VR and a Soaring Simulator. Also on this episode find out how he found himself face to face with a silverback Gorilla and lived to tell the story. All that and more now on Soaring The Sky !

40: Flying Both Ends Of The Rope: Ben Mayes Tow Pilot, Glider Pilot And Soaring With Aerobatics

November 20th, 2019

On this episode of the podcast we chat with a glider pilot who just recently flew in his first Glider Aerobatic Competition and what it is like flying the extreme ends of the flight envelope in a aircraft with no engine. He also shares with us what it's like being a Tow Pilot as well as a glider instructor. Join us now for another great guest and aviation adventure now on Soaring The Sky ! 

39: A Party In The Sky: Soaring With Isaiah On An Aviation Journey

November 13th, 2019

On this episode Isaiah joins us to tell us how he started his aviation journey at the age of three ! At the age of nine he was already volunteering at a local aviation museum. He later starts flying powered but soon discovers soaring. Hear his story as he shares it with us now on Soaring The Sky !

38: Crash Landing ? With Steven Nesser On An Adventure Flying Cross Country

November 6th, 2019

On this episode our guest pilot Steven Nesser shares with us some adventures of cross country flying out of the Minnesota Soaring Club . On one of his flights he has to explain that he did not crash ! Join us now for another soaring adventure and some great lessons on flying and great advice how to fly safer ! Now on episode 38 of Soaring The Sky ! 

37: Soaring The Italian Countryside With Guancarlo Near Rome

October 30th, 2019

On this Episode we find ourselves in the Italian countryside just outside of Rome Italy to talk to our Guest Pilot Guancarlo. He has over 400 hours in his logbook and makes his way to the gliderport whenever he gets the chance to fly. He shares with us his story and why he chose to fly gliders. later we will also hear from some of you the listener. Join us now for another high flying soaring adventure on Soaring the Sky !

36: High Altitude Soaring With The Perlan Project And OLC Events With Bruno Vassel

October 23rd, 2019

On this episode we find out the adventures that happen flying high altitudes and what is needed to fly in those conditions as we talk with Miguel, one of the pilots from Perlan and get a update on the events in Argentina this summer. Later we learn about some OLC events that is a bit different then flying your usual contest with our friend Bruno Vassel. And on this episode we hear from some of you that have checked in with us listening from all over the globe. All this now on Soaring The Sky !

35: The Air And A Pair Of Wings With Aerobatic Champion Luca Bertossio

October 16th, 2019

Today on the Podcast Luca Bertossio joins Chuck to tell us how his adventure started. At 29 Luca already has accumulated over 3,000 hours in his logbook and has over 3,500 Aerobatic flights ! He also has over 900 hours PPl in power. Luca has won several FAI Medals and is also a pilot with the Red Bull Airshow ! Luca is also a Aerobatics Flight instructor.  Join us now as we hear this exciting journey on Soaring the Sky !

34: Soaring The Best In The East And West With David Hart

October 9th, 2019

On this episode we go Soaring with a gentleman from Pittsburgh PA with an interesting history in aviation as he takes us along on a few flights in the West over some amazing places to soar. He also shares with us his adventures in the East on the ridges of the Appalachian Mountains flying hundreds of miles. Join us for now for another exciting adventure here on Soaring The Sky ! 

33: From The Chair To The Air: Bob Royter And Freedoms Wings

October 2nd, 2019

Today We join Bob Royter, a gentleman that is disabled but still found a way to leave his wheelchair and fly gliders ! We chat with him and his instructor on location in the Appalachian mountains and learn how it can be done. He also shares with us his inspiration for flying and how his aviation story started. If you want to know more about flying while disabled check out  Join us now for this amazing story on Soaring The Sky !

32: The Art Of Soaring With Andreas Monty Freddy In Denmark

September 25th, 2019

We head to Denmark on this episode and meet a Artist and Glider Pilot Andreas Monty Freddie. Like most of us he fell in love with aviation as a child but it was not until a couple years ago that he discovered gliders and just a few weeks ago received his glider private pilots license ! Andreas has a Bachelors degree in visual storytelling and has worked as a independent artist since 2009. He loves flying, spending time with his wife and three children and drawing. To see his artwork check out his Instagram. Join me now to hear his Aviation Adventure on Soaring The Sky !

31: A Pioneer Of Soaring Gary Kemp, 40 Years And 4000 Hours

September 18th, 2019

Gary Kemp Joins us this week from Arizona, a glider pilot with 40 years of soaring and 4,000 hours in the cockpit ! He is a true pioneer of soaring and helped start Central California Clubs annual spring contest. He also helped open a soaring club in Parowan Utah. Gary was the first person to fly a 1000k in the state of Utah ! When he started flying gliders there were no glide computers, electronic varios, ect. On one flight he flew a 500k with no vario at all ! Gary is also the author of the soaring book Finish Every Task. Join us on this exciting journey as Gary takes us along on his 40 year adventure Soaring The Sky !  

30: Three Hours In And Soaring Over The Continental Divide With John Pickard & Clemens Ceipek

September 11th, 2019

On This Episode we head to England to talk with a new glider student who after years working around aviation has started his journey to Soar in Gliders. John Pickard started his interest long ago and shares why he just now is learning to fly and after just three hours of training can't wait for his next flight. Today we also bring you a bonus and check back with Clemens Ceipek about his recent flight over the Continental Divide for his Diamond badge ! All this today on Soaring The Sky !

29: Turnpoints & Cloud Streets Jim Zombakis

September 4th, 2019

In this episode we join Jim Zombakis as he takes us on a journey Soaring in his first competition. He talks about the very important things you learn in your first race and how to have fun and stay safe while still being competitive. Jim is a powered Aviator as well as a Glider pilot. He also has his Silver badge completing all three requirements in one flight ! Also on this episode hear how Jim discovered Soaring and how he ended up landing out in a crop field. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky !

28: Open House & Celebrating Soaring

August 28th, 2019

On this episode Chuck hits the road to join a large group of people in Pennsylvania celebrating Soaring. We stopped in to join the people of Mid Atlantic Soaring in Fairfield PA for their Open house ! A day of Soaring, Seminars, Music and Great Food. Join us as we chat with Rich a flight instructor, Larry a student Pilot, Amy a first time flyer, Cheri from California and hear about her flight. We will Also hear from a young man Will just after he flew in a glider for the first time. All this and more on this Episode of Soaring The Sky ! 

27: Cross Country Flights & Buying Your First Glider Chris Snyder & Joe Capra

August 21st, 2019

On this episode we hear from two guest pilots. Chris from Richmond Virginia tells us about his recent first cross country flight and flying in a thermal with a eagle. He also tells us about how his club is teaching young aviators how to fly working with the Civil Air Patrol. Later in this episode Joe talks to us from Southern California about the process of buying your first glider and his experience buying his. He also shares with us his recent transition from a two place to a single place glider. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky !

26: Soaring And The Schweizer Family With Paul Schweizer

August 14th, 2019

On this episode Paul Schweizer joins the podcast to tell us about his journey and how his father and his two uncles taught themselves how to fly and start the Schweizer Aircraft company. He also shares with us his journey to soaring the gliders we all have learned to love and fly. Join us now to hear this exciting and interesting story about the Schweizer family and how it all started ! now on Soaring The Sky ! To see some pictures Paul shared with us go to 

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